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Pine Valley is the region’s first source for green solutions.  We offer a variety of environmental solutions for the oil, gas, and construction industries.  Our partnership with Phase II Stormwater products, provides our clients with the leading products for stormwater and erosion management.   Our B.M.P.’s meet or exceed current EPA and DEP regulations for stormwater management.  We strive to provide our clients with the best environmental site management practices currently available.  Many landowners are skeptical of oil and gas companies’ commitments to water quality and nature.  We provide a level of trust to the landowners through environmental design, stormwater management, and site reclamation.

Environmental Design

Through Computer-aided design techniques, we can show landowners the potentials of a construction or well site.  Native or naturalized plantings can be shown digitally, before a project begins, as a compliment to nature.  Through smart design, a well site may be screened to be minimally invasive visually and environmentally.

Site Reclamation

Once all drilling or construction operations are completed, Pine Valley will restore the landowner’s property to their satisfaction.  If a screening or naturalized planting design is required, the design will be implemented using our high quality nursery stock.  If planting and site design is not required, we will restore all vegetative areas to pre-construction status.  Through innovative technology, we have the ability to recreate nature and transform disturbances into environmental assets.  Our landscape installations provide landowners, environmentalists, and government agencies the piece of mind needed to ensure the environment has been placed in high regard. Environmental stewardship is transforming negatives concerning drilling activities into positives.


E&S Management

Pine Valley Landscaping  is an authorized Phase II Stormwater Products contractor.  Through industry leading design, these products ensure water quality is maintained  throughout and after drilling activities occur.  With the help of specialized equipment, our crews effectively install all of the Phase II stormwater products.  The benefits of such products include:

· Biodegradability

· All natural compost fill

· No excavation

· Can be left in place permanently

· Meets or exceeds EPA regulations

· Wildlife benefits

· Less overall cost and more effective

Smart design and attention to soil science make these products far superior to anything on the market today.  The environmental benefits of these types of erosion and sedimentation controls make the most sense for the future of the industry.



Preserving Water Quality

Water is one of our most valuable resources.  We have a responsibility to protect it, as stewards of the land.  Our products and services, provide for the continuation of clean, safe, water sources for generations to come.  Pine Valley is committed to balancing development with nature and providing solutions to common problems.  Our goal is to reverse the negatives associated with drilling practices and provide positive outcomes for landowners,  gas companies, and the environment.











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