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Welcome to our product information page. Below is a complete list of the bulk products we offer for retail sale. Each product is described in detail to help you choose the correct material for your specific needs. All produces are available for customer pick-up or delivery.

Triple Ground Mulch- Pine Valley Premium
Our triple ground premium mulch consists of hardwood bark triple ground to produce a consistent quality of ¼”-2” sized particles. This product decomposes into an organic material adding valuable nutrients to the soils below. This product should last at least one year and holds its color fairly long due to its high content of hardwood bark. The color ranges from dark to medium brown.

Double Ground Mulch
Our double ground mulch consists of hardwood bark ground twice. The particle size ranges from ½” to 2.5” in size. This product should last up to 2 years due to the high wood fiber content. The color is medium to light brown.

Dyed Mulch
Our dyed mulch is available in black, red, or brown. This product triple ground hardwood bark. The size ranges from ¼” to 2”. This product holds its color longer than traditional mulches and should last a minimum of 1 year.

Our topsoil is good quality native topsoil. This topsoil may contain small roots or clumps. This product is perfect for large volume planting and lawn areas.

Topsoil- Pine Valley Premium
Our Pine Valley Premium topsoil is good quality native topsoil amended with compost. This topsoil may contain plant fragments or leaf stems. This product is very organic and is perfect for planting beds, gardens, and touch up lawn areas.

River Rock
Our River Rock is a rounded native stone. The size varies from ½” to 4” in size. The colors are a blend of natural browns and tans. This product is commonly used as a substitute for mulch, as decorative soil covering, around water features, or for low volume drainage areas.

Limestone 2A
Our 2A Limestone varies in size from sand to 2” stones. This product is used as a compaction stone for construction projects. This product is commonly used as a base material for driveways, patios, foundations, or anywhere a solid base is desired. If compacted properly, this product will not let water move through readily and therefore should not be used as a drainage stone.




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