Friday 25th of June 2021

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Pine Valley Nursery was established as a Kallenborn family business in 1987. The primary business was a Christmas tree farm owned and operated by Richard Kallenborn and his two sons, Mike and Jim. Wholesale and retail cut and live trees were the primary focus until the early 1990’s. Mike Kallenborn entered Penn State University in 1992 majoring in Landscape Contracting. The focus began shifting during the next several years to landscaping. In 1995 Jim Kallenborn entered Penn State majoring in Landscape Contracting, as well. Upon graduation from Penn State in 1996, Mike Kallenborn and family formed Pine Valley Landscaping. Mike and family operated the landscape business until 1999, when Jim graduated from Penn State. With both brothers involved full time, the business grew into a full time, year round, service company. By early 2000 the company had expanded into the area’s leader in commercial and residential design and installation. Their services had grown to include: hardscaping, lighting, drainage, fencing, maintenance, and snow removal. In 2006 Pine Valley became the only contractor in the area to utilize mulch blowing technology. This technology allowed them to provide mulching to remote areas, quickly, and effectively with a substantial decrease in labor costs. The company continues to grow today utilizing technology, green solutions, and forward thinking.


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